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Paul Ceglia, who last year surprised Silicon Valley by claiming he was entitled to a large stake in the social-networking company, filed an amended complaint citing emails he says support his claims against Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook's founder...

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Anyone actively participating in the Marketing, Media or Communication industry these days, would agree that the market is transforming right in front of our eyes.

Technology is becoming more advanced at a rapid rate, with a keen focus on investment in data and communication platforms globally. New initiatives promising bigger reach, more interactivity, and better accessibility and visibility for our brands are being discussed and analysed in open forums the world over – and a term which we have loosely come to know at the end of the 20th century as ‘New Media’, is suddenly turning marketing as we know it on its head.

I've found this review on Xobni and thought it to be well worth sharing. I most certainly share the sentiments of the author - what an amazing Outlook tool. With any information needed visible at a glance, it makes my email endeavours so much more...

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SHANGHAI, CHINA: Guang Yin Yoga is a small yoga club in Shanghai. Chinese people still have quite low awareness of yoga, and for four years, the club hasn’t been successful, with only few club members. So management thought out of the box…Shanghai Hotidea Advertising needed to raise Guangyin Yoga’s brand awareness overnight and enroll 300 new members with only a small budget.

PARIS, FRANCE: Consumers confirm strong interest in using their mobile phone as wallet according to a recent market poll sponsored by Alcatel-Lucent. These findings were uncovered as part of a youth market study exploring the appeal of a mobile wallet service.The study, conducted by Alcatel-Lucent, over a two week period this summer, with members of its Youth Lab, indicated that 81% showed a strong interest in the service and 89% would be willing to pay a monthly fee.

Multimedia Solutions service of checking active mobile phone numbers before sending out a campaign not only provides companies with a cost saving benefit, but also enables companies to update their customer contact information. Eddie Groenewald, Multimedia Solutions CEO, says companies supply their database of numbers which is then “scrubbed” to check which numbers are active and which numbers are inactive.