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From Ashton to Britney and now to the Lady Gaga herself, the twitter hall of fame is a fickle yet somehow predictable dame. Fickle in that the number of tweets tweeted has no direct correlation to Top Twitterers hall of fame status, and predictable in that the number of tweets tweeted has no direct correlation to Top Twitterers hall of fame status.

The new look Twitter.com launched last night will be rolling out over the next few weeks. In the meantime, tweetlings can toggle between the new and old look Twitter page while acclimatising to all the cool new features.watch video Meet the new Twitter.com...

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Some of Google's best engineers, product managers, business managers and leadership will be speaking about Google's open web and mobile technologies at G-South Africa taking place 8-9 November 2010 at the Bay Hotel, Cape Town read more...

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Parenthood has always necessitated two extra sets of arms and that deft ability to juggle three balls whilst bouncing four more whilst having a moment free to monitor your families’ online activity. Aol is here to help with the balancing act with the launch of Aol SafeSocial – be there to keep your kids safe and monitor their social networking without ‘butting in’ to their social lives.

Cell C LogoMobile operator Cell C, has responded to reports that its new logo had been rejected by the Registrar of Trademarks, saying “This is not the case. Its application to register its logo as a trademark has been provisionally refused”.Cell C responds to reports

Recently launched, Business Out of Office Manager (BOoOM), developed by Applxbridge, reportedly has the ability to integrate and instantaneously deliver any information systems data or dynamic content to mobile phones and devices anywhere, anytime; in real time.

A specialist has joined the ranks of South Africa’s top marketing solutions providers.

“Emarketing trends have seen a soaring acceptance in recognition over the past decade,” says eMarketing Solutions CEO, Kobus van den Berg. “…owing largely to the ever expanding reach of the web and its escalating popularity as a marketing platform.”