New WASPA Code of Conduct Shakes the Proverbial Tree…

WASPA (Wireless Application Service Providers’ Association) is an independent, non-profit organisation, representing the interests of organisations providing mobile application services in South Africa.

With Version 12.0 of the WASPA Code of Conduct which was recently ratified, we believe the most notable change to be within section 13.3 – which relates to WAP Push messages.

It now appears that MTN have prohibited the use of any form of WAP push messaging with immediate effect due to general industry non-compliance.

In a statement from MTN:  “Recently we have been inundated with complaints from customers that receive WAP push from content providers without permission.  This has left MTN with no option but to stop WAP pushes to MTN customers with immediate effect.”

The Mobile Network Operator (MNO) has stated that this announcement is not related to the WAP push amendments in the WASPA code of conduct, but that the timing is purely coincidental. However, the WASPA lobbying workgroup is engaging with MTN on the topic to try and find a working solution going forward.

Integrat Mobile Aggregation Services, a company who provide mobile integration to Wireless Application Service Providers (WASPS), thereby giving WASPS the opportunity to offer their clients mobile services through the MNO systems (API), has also requested that all clients refrain from using WAP Push messaging on MTN until further notice. Explaining that, “We don’t have the technical ability to throttle only an individual account, thus non-adherence will affect the entire customer base.”

Integrat has conveyed a stern warning that any client found not to be complying will risk the suspension of their MTN OBS connection.

Section 13.3 (Version 12.0 of WASPA Code of Conduct) states:

13.3. WAP push messages

13.3.1. For any WAP push messages, a short code or some other means of identifying the member providing the service must be included in the message.

13.3.2. To enable the recipient to identify the sender of the WAP Push and opt-out from receiving further promotions, a short code to which the recipient can send the STOP command to opt-out should also be included within the WAP Push. The recipient should not have to open the WAP Push in order to identify a short code to which they can send STOP for the purposes of opting-out.

13.3.3. Further information on how the recipient can opt out of future promotions must also be available from the WAP site. This needs to be provided on the WAP landing page or further to the recipient clicking on one clearly identified link from the landing page, such as a help page. The information to be provided must include:

  • An explanation that the subscriber can opt-out from receiving further promotional WAP push messages by sending STOP to a specific short code. This short code must be the same as that included within the title of the WAP push; and optionally also
  • A link which the subscriber can select to opt-out from receiving further promotional WAP push messages.

13.3.4. The type of service (e.g. subscription service) and the cost of service (e.g. R7/day) must also be clearly displayed within the WAP site. This needs to be provided on the WAP landing page.

View the complete revised Code of Conduct on the WASPA website:

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